1080p – Howto Debian Wheezy/Testing Xfce Desktop from scratch – Part 1 of 3

1080p – Howto Debian Wheezy/Testing Xfce Desktop from scratch  – Part 1 of 3

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Part 1 — A short tour of what to expect with your installation. Where to get the net install iso and how to verify that the image is authentic.

How to install Debian for a xfce desktop environment that looks like old gnome2. This three part tutorial will walk you through a 20-50 MB base install. From there you will upgrade your system to use the appropriate repositories. Guaranteeing the newest and biggest selection of free software in the world. If you do not like Gnome3 and hate Unity…



I couldn't stand Linux Mint because it hung for about 30 seconds after logging on just to display the desktop. So, I switched to Debian 7 Wheezy with LXDE and it runs awesome!

and i am referring to debian 7, you are problem running debian 6 in this video with the wheezy testing repositories. 6 did not have issues with compiz that i can remember.

UMM where is part 3, and if you could explain how to get compiz and emerald installed.

Compiz just does not work with wheezy and nvidia drivers, emerald i heard has to be compiled but have not gotten that far yet. It did not go well for me with debian wheezy or sid, basically i'm not running compiz on the debian system.

your desktop looks a lot like my xubuntu install. mine is a very nicely themed xfce and compiz emerald etc

I don't think I use the kernels name Linux in this video? If I did I am pronouncing the kernel name just as Linus Torvalds says here. youtube.com/watch?v=qAEsoKiZTvk
I picked up a some English when I lived in the US as a little kid btw. I live in Sweden.
Let Nelson Mandela tell us how to pronounce Ubuntu. youtube.com/watch?v=HED4h00xPPA

Stable is not recommended for daily home desktop use? Just because your programmes are going to get old doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. You can update them and if your Debian gets old you can just upgrade but that's not a reason not to use stable. Stable is really great if you need stability for your work or for whatever reason there might be. You never run into trouble, and that is the main reason you use stable. Some people don't want to deal with issues there might be with Testing.

Love Arch but are two things hard to ignore. 1) blobs in the kernel 2) WAS the repos. In June 2012, package signing verification became official. Until version 4.0.0. Arch Linux's package manager lacked support for signed packages.Packages and metadata were not verified for authenticity by pacman during the download-install process. Pacman 4 allows verification of the package database and packages, but it was disabled by default. As of March 21 2012 every package is signed.

Well didnt mean firefox , ment iceweasel.Apparently installing the nvidia drivers did the trick.Anyway if i ever change back to nouveau i will consider this way (but the blur issue was on the xfce panels as well).Anyway for this install i also installed the linux-headers ,alsa-source and compiled the alsa-driver cause without didnt had sound ( yeah two days without sound trying to figure it out why mixer showed sound but nothing was coming out).Thailand must be nice,have fun.

Oh right this issue. Have you tried using Iceweasle. It is the official browser for Debian. Actually it is Firefox without the patented name “Firefox”. Most of the mozilla plugins are maintained over at Debian too. Example 'apt-cache search noscript' will find the plugin noscript. Plugins are signed to prevent MITM attacks. If you still want to use FF this cmd should fix your problem sudo rm /etc/fonts/conf.d/10* && sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig . All the best 🙂

Still got this blur from time to time on the browsers.Like it blurs a word or a sentence or whole text and immediately unblurs and then blurs something else.Seems like a composite bug or something.Maybe a luck of nvidia driver.Maybe.Dunno

Glade you like it =) I am on a diving vacation in Thailand but will be back in Sweden on the 1st of Aug. When I get back Ill make part 3. What you can do is install the ttf-mscorefonts-installer.MS was kind enough not to sue all who dare look upon their holy fonts.They are in contrib.Also you can go into Applications->Settings ->Appearance->Fonts.There you will find “Rendering” Make sure Enable-anti-aliasing is enabled and the sub-pixel order is aligned for your screen.Hinting can be tweaked too

Definitely. I use to be a huge Gnome fan before it became a brain fart. I am writing this on a 9” Acer Aspire one. This computer has a Atom CPU, 9” screen, 8GB SSD and 1 GB RAM. My main computer is a Sandy Bridge i7 2600 (vt-d) with a OCZ Vertex 3 SSD. The fresh kernels and lightweight desktop shown here assure all hardware will work really well and snappy.

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