Amahi Server Review | LAS | s17e04

Amahi Server Review | LAS | s17e04

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We’ve got the ultimate Linux Home Server that is business up front, and all party in the back! Find out how this bolt on solution can revolutionize an otherwise lame-duck system!

THEN – Adobe Air is dropping support for Linux, find out why Adobe ushering in their own demise!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Jesus Christ you guys are annoying. Chris SHUT THE HELL UP and stop talking over your partner. It would have been nice to step through the screens of Amahi instead of listening to you both battling for mic time.

@BeatTheBrave For some reason I thought "you lost me at" was the opposite of "you had me at", but apparently it isn't.

Anyway I try not to have too much prejudice against Java since it's used a lot in the workplace and is about 10x faster than python which I love.

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