Apache CentOS Virtual Host – Linux

Apache CentOS Virtual Host – Linux

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Learn how to set up a virtual host on Linux Apache CentOS 5.

Virtual Host Diagram

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How to go online with your Apache Ubuntu server

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It was a very good tutorial.
I am currently using CentOS 7 in my Virtual Box. I tried to use the exact same steps for my CentOS 7 system. When I do it, at the last step, I get an error message. Am I supposed to use a different Server Admin and server name?

Hi Gab. Thanks for your teaching video. But I am the new admin for school. So. I want you to suggest me to do  Step By Step. At the first. I installed the CenOS 5.5 on the last Friday. So. I want you to teach me about config the web server for our 15 teachers and 60 students. Because after this I will teach them about Joomla and WordPress but I can't do the web server for them. I have the space in /var = 490 gb.
Please let me know how can I do it. Thanks.  My email is bungmoad@gmail.com

Hi Gabe… thank you for the video. I have a question. for an example; I have made a website from godaddy.com which is loaded into a windows machine and people through the internet can login with their user credentials to that very website. Now, I wish to move the entire contents of the website to a Linux machine (Rhel6) and I want that the users should be able to access that website with the user credentials as they have always been able to when the website contents were on windows. thank you.

Sorry for the LATE response, I just noticed the comment.
The Apache VirtualHost config file tells Apache where to route the request from the DNS server. I will include a link in the description that will shed more light, take a look.

So if you have like 3 virtual hosts on ONE SINGLE ip address (your server) and its on the internet…. the DNS servers will point the browser to your ip address, but how does apache know which folder to route it to??? Does the DNS server give apache more info? I don't understand how the backend works here.

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