AppLocker to block programs in Windows 7

AppLocker to block programs in Windows 7

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AppLocker will block applications from running based on the descriptor. You can block programs by publisher, path, version, file name, publisher description or even hash. This feature is only available in Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. While it can be used on an active directory domain, I use local group policy. You can also create exceptions to allow some programs through the rules.

AppLocker is a feature introduced that plays of the old hash rules to block…



I hated it when these dumb applocker blocked blender and SSF2 Beta on OCPS. It's not good, it's a madness! Well, doesn't care about blocked sites, and blocked sites it's a bit of tiny worse, but blocked programs would be more extremely worse and had to wait for 90 days, I mean, what the hell happened to all of these programs!?

One needs to add that this will only work on Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate. Any Home Premium or Professional users will be out of luck. Greedy Microsoft seems not to have squeezed enough money out of its users…

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