Asterisk Install With FreePBX – CentOS 5 Part-4

Asterisk Install With FreePBX – CentOS 5 Part-4

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Just a quick install and very basic configuration of Asterisk FreePBX on CentOS.

Download ISO here:



when u configure any outbound route and have multiple trunks over multiple SIM's you can configure priority on the outbound route on what trunks will be used first or use load balancing if u want…visit my blog on voip for more info …and soon i will add posts on AsteriskNOW the last version…thank u…

I have a question about VOIP…
let's say I have 2 SIM cards (from different companies) in my gateway and I need to call a given number, how does the gateway decide which SIM card to use in order to get cheapest rate ? It is based on phone number format or is there a way to know from what network the destination phone number is ? For example in Romania certain companies have numbers starting with certain digits, but I know that in other countries numbers are mixed.
Thanks for your time.

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