Asus eee PC 2G Linux vs. Asus eee PC 4G Win XP

Asus eee PC 2G Linux  vs. Asus eee PC 4G Win XP

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Comparing the asus eee pc 2g linux against the asus eee pc 4g with windows xp

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sorry i voted hand down,
it is because of not you, cause of taiwan bads' cheatings…

i hope taiwan or chinese laptops cheating business fails…

they are making loose trashes and selling all over the world
their products are always easily breaking, corrupting, ruinning…
next, they 2nd earning through A/S,

they are earning a lot of money
and they buy best products, they are never buying and using their products

i have them
my pc 900a keyboard got a electric shock by corrupt charge adapta, the not a perfectly rounding coating

one moment lightening appeared,
and keyboard was ruined…

i changed new keyboard with 10$
but someday the new keyboard also was dead again in someday…

asus service ended,
i bought other two used same models
and i repaired them myself

now i using them,
but i don't know mabye someday the accident will be happen again…

i will never buy evil chinese lap tops even most possibly…

but i don't hate china or taiwan..

i just hate their trash products
and angry about

why those trashs are still selling in our country…?

Which partition did you install XP onto? Will it wipe out the Factory Restore option to put Xandros Linux back on?

(System)  (EXT2)  (/ro & /.ro)  (/dev/sda1)

Capacity 2.64GB (2,832,…,… bytes)
used 2.51GB (2,691,…,… bytes)
Available: 134.72 (141,…,… bytes)

Size: 2878 mb
Used: 2737 mb (Debian GNU/Linux (4.0)


(User)    (EXT3)    (/.rw)       (/dev/sda2)
Capacity 4.74GB (5,092,…,… bytes)
used 722mb (757,…,… bytes)
Available: 3.80  (4,076,…,… bytes)

Size: 5173 MB
used:  838 MB (Unknown Linux distribution)

if you want to save 3G more than that: in your EEE PC 4G, just install micro XP … 🙂 AND WHY NOT IN 2G.
Faster install and speed
Less memory and cpu usage
Micro XP Size:300 MB only…
WOW 300mb so what do u think
need Micro?

how do i install linux on my asus eee 4g surf? i got xp on it! i wana get linux ,

but few question before i do that, dos linux support multi languages?

like Russian Hebrew Arabic French ? – because i got thous languages on it…. and my work involved in thous 4 – 5 languages , so if i get files in one of thous , well they work under it?

can i send emails in different languages?

waiting foir you answer ASP, thanks!

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