Beginner Linux Terminal Commands in Kali Linux

Beginner Linux Terminal Commands in Kali Linux

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This tutorials shows some basic Terminal commands for Linux.

Some include: Navigation commands, convert commands, creation commands, editing commands, etc…

If you have any questions, please comment 🙂

* After watching this video, you need to practice these commands to remember them!

If you would like to install Kali Linux on your computer, watch the tutorial I created!

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J'ai un probleme si quelqu'un peut m'aider : plein de commandes ne marchent pas, Ex: airmon-ng ne marche pas , ifconfig non plus & plein d'autres :/ ( presque toutes )

Cd desktop,,,,,, command not working and says when enter the command it says (bash"such-no file or directory …… i want to install python but its happen again and again ……. cd i moved on desktop …. help

Thanks for posting this I have been teaching myself Kali on and off for a few months now but there were some commands I didn't know like head, tail and cat. Thumbs up 🙂

Am i a racist if i expected this narrated video about Linux to feature a narrator with a strong accent from a country other than the usa? Every modern Linux tutorial I've found so far for newcomers are by a dude from fucking Istanbul or BFE or something. Yeah I'm new to Linux, so hack me. Then tell me how to keep it from happening again plz. You already have my email address if you're someone I'm worried about.

Great tutorial. Great teaching. I learnt a lot as a beginner. Though in that portion where you did "PATH=$PATH:~" , I did the same thing but I still couldn't get it to work. It's giving that error "example is not a bash command".

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