BlackBerry Enterprise Service “BES” 10.1 Installation

BlackBerry Enterprise Service “BES” 10.1 Installation

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In this video I did the installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 on Windows 2008 R2. The installation went smoothly and worked perfect.

Compatibility Matrix



One question man I'm stuck where you need to put the database ISO file.. I have it in myDownloads my ISO of windows 2008 R2 but I don know how to find it in the browse Datastores or how to move it to that Folder.. Please give me the steps to do that… All I need is to find my ISO in the database to open my virtual machine PLEASEEE GET BACK TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

Thanks for sharing , it is useful to learn Virtual Server with blackberry Enterprise Service, however use Password Generator for 62 Password length is much more safety likes :QGyh5Hlt6Cb1Ba3ZFz2Dq7NJuj9Lgo4WRdw8MUmk0Ar3Xin0OPf6Ksx4YSv6Tc and change the default connection port for management is much better, Also import the self sign Secure socket layer certificate to Trust Zone

Hey ray. I have just install bes10.2, but I'm having a problem login into the UDS web console. It's saying user name and password incorrect. Any help in resolving this.

Hi Amjad, I don't think you can install BES 10.x on 32 bit OS. Windows Server 2008 (Not R2) is supported for BES 10.1, 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 but not supported for BES 10.
I have added a link for the Compatibility Matrix for BES server in the video description, it will let you know what and what not!

Hope it helps!

hI Ray.. i have a question for you. is it possible to install it on window server 2008 32 bits or 64 bits(No R2 version). i was trying to install but every time after some installation i gives a error that java 21. i have updated java but still no working on that… any idea about that??

Hi Amjad, I don't know if I have to agree with you about the RAM subject, but the 12 GB is recommended by Blackberry. It might and I think it will work with 4 GB of RAM but will you get the full performance???
In my case I installed it in a production environment with over 700 users, so I don't think 8 GB of RAM worth having issues later on, also keep in mind that if you seek Blackberry support later on and if your sever doesn't comply with their requirement then you are in trouble!!!

Hi every one. Most important thing about BBE10 , it can only be installed only on Window server 2008 R2 64bits or later version. and 12 GB Ram is not compulsory. i am having it with 4 GB of Ram.
If you have W2k8 32bits or 64 bits there will be error in installation that Java 21 could not be updated. i have done this installation approximately 40 times on different servers

thanks Dwight
can you plz help us how to find the software that you running for making sever name as in video its shows vcentersever plz guide or load or share the link with this video and guide to how to download and install please

Hi Ray,
Thanks for the video. I have a question. I am planning to buy new BB Q10, but my IT department says that for the new BB platform they need to change or buy new server. Currently our IT supports foe the BB OS7 platform, but not for new BB10 platform. Is this true that we need to have a new server for BB10 platform. Need yoir advice

Sorry Dwight this is my fault, I recorded this video without audio. I was at work and I didn't have mic then.
I can help you if you need anything.

You are welcome. I did this video because I couldn't find anything similar for BES 10 on YouTube, so I thought it will help other to do such thing.
As you can see the installation went pretty easy, the 2nd part was the configuration of the server which I didn't have a video for it yet but I can tell you it was easy too.
Good luck!!!

Thanks for this, will be doing a similar installation soon and it's always nice to see what you can expect before jumping in.

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