Connecting Ubuntu to a Wireless Network

Connecting Ubuntu to a Wireless Network

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This is done on Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 it is similar for almost all versions of Ubuntu (OUT OF DATE)



@datafreak667 if ubuntu doesn't scan for nearby networks you need to install the driver. To do this connect via ethernet and use the Additional Drivers program to install your drivers.

Hey, Ive got a question:
my wireless icon vanished completely. the card is still running; the laptop can still see it when I ask the terminal to find it, but there's no way I can access any of the routers in range. why would this happen? "Add to Panel" doesnt seem to offer that either, its not one of the things I can add.

yeah almost.. only you can't activate your wireless cuz there are no drivers for ur net card 😀 I loved ubuntu 9.1 when I saw it for the first time.. but only when I saw it.. when I started to work with it.. nah.. it's awful..

I'll just ask my dad (If he doesn't yell at me :P) Nice tutorial anyway, please subscribe if you like my videos.. I'm gonna watch some more of ur vids, and If I like them, I'll sub (:

I cn connect with an ethernet cable, infact, that's how I'm sending this… but the issue I'm faced with prevents me from connecting to my network wirelessly… it worked flawlessly with Windows XP, so I don't see why it wouldn't work with UBUNTU… I have tried every security option I have, but WPA is not on my list… I'm using Ubuntu 9.10 that I downloaded, burned, and installed… it is the only OS on my HDD… help…?

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