Convert IMG-to-ISO & ISO-to-IMG Free Built into Windows 2017 [HD][How to][Tutorial]

Convert IMG-to-ISO & ISO-to-IMG Free Built into Windows 2017 [HD][How to][Tutorial]

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In this tutorial I am using Windows 8 however this is the same applies to Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8 and all server operating systems. ISO & IMG files are the same file format just with the different files extensions – see the video on how to amend them.



A VERY BIG THUMB UP BUDDY!!! It worked perfectly for me. I downloaded MS Office.img file and spent over 24H to convert them into iso file with a bunch of free utility software and failed one after another. Those free versions img to iso converters allow only limited sized of the img files and not a whole DVD unless the license is been purchased. Before knowing this tip I burnt DVDs with those img files and then created those DVD to iso for let Windows mount them whenever necessary without a DVD drive. Maybe not all img files are designed to convert into iso files by just editing the file extension but at least some of them seem to have no problems to be converted this easiest possible way. Thanks again!

To all you naysayers who say this won't work… Have you actually tried it?

Changed the .IMG file for Office2016 to .ISO so I can load it onto a virtual machine. Office appears to be installing normally.

I was very (pleasantly) surprised this actually worked.

Wrong, i have been install iso(change name extension to img ) into my usb stick when i hope it can be use to boot from it, but absolutely useless, iso and img have different binary format. Please don't make people like me become more and more stupid with this tutorial!

i wish ppl stop uploading such stupid stuff and get everyone falsed af. chaning exstensions just made your os to present the file as u ended it but the file keeps being what it was coz the files in it still at the same format… u need converting and its a different story using 3rd program for that in most cases

As stated before… this procedure is not file CONVERTING! If you want to be sure to get a true IMG-formatfrom an ISO-file use UltraISO and the built-in conversion tool!

you are ignorant. iso file are from dvd cd whom block size is set on 2048 value while the logical block size of a common hard disk or USB flash stick is based on 512 value or 4096 for modern analog hard drive provided of AF technology. So the block size of the stick mismatches when an iso image is burned into an USB block. The conversion of an iso into an image file should fix this issue.

.img files and .iso files are completely different from each other. simply changing the file extension between the two is not converting, it is essentially telling windows or whatever program you are using to read the file incorrectly.

.ISO (i.e. ISO9660 CD/DVD image) and .IMG (usually for bootable SDCARD/USB stick file systems like UFS/FAT32) are NOT the same file format. SOME Windows applications are capable of handling slightly differing headers if you simply rename a file extension, but it definitely does not work for all images. The word 'convert' in this youtube title is extremely misleading.

Thanks mate! I used to own XP for years and it was a big surprise for me when I tried changing extension in file name and it didnt work on my win7. Extremely helpful video!

Rather than a conversion I'd call this more like a renaming job… does it actually work? Can the IMG be mounted/edited without any problem? Converting and renaming aren't really the same thing. Just asking 🙂

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