Dark Desktop – Make Windows Look Better

Dark Desktop – Make Windows Look Better

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In this week’s make windows look better episode I decided to combine Rainmeter & a Deviantart windows theme. The windows theme is called Arc by niivu. I hope you like the result! Remember to leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t already! 🙂

NOTE: Doing this might mess up Windows files, do it at YOUR OWN RISK!

The Arc theme only works on Windows 10.

• http://bit.ly/ArcTheme – Arc Deviantart
• http://bit.ly/UX-Theme-Patcher – UltraUXThemePatcher



Dark is best for amoled. & White is best for LCD. Beacuse the black doesn't have that much intensity so we can't see the screen in a bright room.

I have a problem. I installed The Arc Icon Pack but did not change the icons.
I uninstalled and installed again and nothing, until I turned off the antivirus but it did not work.
Who does know how to solve?

Ive done everything but my only issue is, File Explorer isnt in dark mode, ive restarted, redownloaded and soemhting isnt right… is it because i did a registry chnage to try and get dark theme a while ago?

I have always been against MacOS but will be soon switching to Mojave
It is just better than Windows in my opinion because of "the ecosystem"

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