Debian Stretch and Fixing Volume Issues

Debian Stretch and Fixing Volume Issues

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This video is just a walkthrough of Debian Stretch and how I fixed the long-running volume I have reported on previously.

Volume Fix:

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Hi i have a problem, i need a graphical ide in replace of visual studio for ASP and unreal development. Also i have problems getting my workstation pc with ñinux. Its an amd system and the highest resolution that i get is 1024×768 where in windows i get 1290×1080 and i have no sound of my sound blaster card. I try ubuntu, mintand fedora. And i can't get it to work.

So just i need those two things.
1- a distro that works with my hardware
2- an alternative to visual studio and unreal engine (note i dont try WINE yet)
Edit: I'm getting very sick of windows 10 with the policy of Microsoft.

yes i work 4 years in security testing for Microsoft

Emmabuntu has recently been updated and i am wondering just how much improvements have come forth with any comparison of the old version. By and far i already know that it is a favorite when trying to repurpose an old pc for educational purposes and for donations to underprivileged countries. The news of today is that Emmabuntu has taken on a new look supposedly, not perhaps to actually win an absolute beauty contest per say, but certainly something to behold….Just a suggestion Tom!

For graphical software installer, Gnome has Gnome Software, and KDE has Discover, there are a few others around to for different desktop environments (for cinnamon you probably want gnome-software, and snaps work just fine on stretch you just need to install the snapd package)

I've had that issue since Debian Jessie and that's Pulseaudio related still not fixed though, I did find that fix right away searching the whole google though and it wasn't too hard to be honest, but I already considered the MX-Linux to be the best choice for a debian friendly distribution.

And the reason for that is that I've spend a lot of time reconfiguring Debian Stable since Lenny and I don't see any reason for reconfiguring a binary distro instead of a Slackware or Gentoo (Source Distro). Just saying! Time to relax a little and have enough time to do other things in life.

Speaking of Debian, Tom can you do a very detailed review of LMDE 3 ? I want to "leave Ubuntu" but to "remain in Mint". Heard that LMDE have a lot of issues… Maybe you can find out why people avoid it. Joe Collins said that he have great expectations when LMDE 3 will be released.

Nice job, your Debian looks awesome! 🙂

Try MX-17.1 All of the stability and reliability of Debian but better : it is Debian-based and does everything Debian does and then some, it is very newbie friendly with more stuff pre-configured, more up-to-date packages and better package manager(s), tons of very useful and powerful tools, etc. I can't recommend MX Linux highly enough — if you like Debian you should absolutely love MX!

I like when you show other people some solution how to fix some things in Linux. Great. I had enough experience with others distros like Mint, Peppermint, Xubuntu, Lubuntu and etc. so moving myself to Debian it was not so hard as on beginning. For example when something does not work I run this application using a terminal, and a terminal shows what is going on. This is good advice for beginners.

Nice video Tom.
I use Bunsenlabs which is Stretch with Openbox.
You can run snaps, simply apt install snapd.
I have a walkaround of my themed and configured desktop on my channel is you have a spare 30 minutes.

Hi Tom,
not exactly what you asked about at the end of your video, but how about a "Top 5 beginner-friendly distros without systemd"? After understanding the kind of long-term damage this "nice looking" cancer does, I can't force myself into using a distro with systemd, ever again.

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