Debian vs Ubuntu vs Mint

Debian vs Ubuntu vs Mint

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What do you think of Debian vs Ubuntu vs Mint?

Ubuntu was based on Debian, one of the oldest Linux operating system versions.

Ubuntu is clearly its own creature, now.

Ubuntu went commercial with Amazon tie-ins, annoying a lot of users.

It did worse with the tablet-like Unity OS that was so bad that many people put Cinnamon or some other set of desktops on top of the default desktop.

And a lot more of them switched to Mint, because they liked the old user interface. And Mint doesn’t…



I installed Steam on LXDE Debian without any problem – every game that should work on Linux, works perfect (for example: CS:GO, Dota 2, Insurgency, Unturned, Dinivty: Original Sin, FM15 and so on…)

Okay, the thing that you forgot to mention is: Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian. So Linux Mint is just as much relying on Debians great technology as Ubuntu is. Please do some better research next time 😉 . Thx

Ubuntu "was" based on Debian?? It's "clearly its own thing now"??

This seems to exist in an alternate reality in which Ubuntu is no longer based on Debian.

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