EB LIVE Checking Out EznixOS Linux

EB LIVE Checking Out EznixOS Linux

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LIVE Stream on Calculate Linux made to suit EB of course.

ATS Public Beta 1.31 + C2C 2.5 Beta on Linux Mint 18.3 (American Truck Simulator) #1

American Truck Simulator LIVE running the Public Beta 1.31 and C2C Map Mod 2.5 BETA on Linux Mint 18.03 Cinnamon

Get PeppermintOS : https://peppermintos.com/
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/windowshelpguy2015

Mod List Current
ETS2 Game on Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/227300/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2/
Roman Diesel Truck :…



Why not a XP look alike Mint OS ? i think Feren actually made a god distro, as im rebuilding old computers and install a OS on them and them sell them cheap, the Feren OS would be something to use as many that buy these computers have never seen a linux, maight make the switch from Windows to Linux a lot easyer. But im no Expert on Linux, thoe i have used it on and off for some years now. stuck on Windblows at the moment for some work i do that cant be done in linux, not OS problem as it is a prg problem.

I think the Eznix philosophy is to offer a buffet, with several good choices in each category, so beginners can discover what their favorites are going to be. For those of us who have already been through the discovery process, this can come across as bloat.

Hello EB! For the future you'll need to install cpupower and watch the video of DasGregor on how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwfHl7gF8Eg
You'll also need to install cpuid2cpuflags and read this wiki:
You'll get the best cpu flags for your make.conf file
But the most important is to customize the kernel!

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