Fix for Canon MP Navigator EX has stopped working error message in Windows 7

Fix for Canon MP Navigator EX has stopped working error message in Windows 7

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This video shows a solution to a very common problem with the MP Navigator software that Canon uses as its scanner software and photo management application. In this situation, when clicking the MP Navigator icon, the app never launches and instead just crashes out to the desktop where Windows offers to check for solutions.



My wife's new computer???
My wife got a new computer, Dell , running Windows 10 Home and she is unable to get our Cannon MG6220 to connect to her computer in the scanner mode. She has no issues with printing to it but the scanner will not download her files to her computer. It works just fine for me in BOTH modes. Any help?

OMG. I have been looking for a solution to this for over a year! You are a genius! How could a link to MSN be causing this? Totally amazing! Great job! Thanks for posting!

My scanner is working another pc But now it does not work my pc. cable is ok, the driver I reinstalled. when I scanned the canvas become black or some balck and some scanned. I conned new cable but it does not work. So what can I do? please tell me…

Great information, thanks. But I have a MacBook laptop. Not sure if I'll have the same file folders but will check. Got any ideas for the Mac? My software started acting up when I installed iOS High Sierra.

On Win 10, if you keep getting this error message, make sure you do actually have MX Navigator installed besides the Canon driver. It has to be MX Navigator, even though it is under "archived software". The replacement My Image Garden did not work for me, but using MX Navigator i managed to finally scan.

found that when the printer is enable for Chrome Cloud printing the scanner function stops working. Deleted the printer from chrome://devices and the scanner now works

ดีมากๆ ผมคิดว่าต้องไปลง win ใหม่เสียแล้ว โชคดีที่ได้ดูวีดีโอนี้ แก้ไขได้ก่อน Thank you very much

Thanks for your help. It didn't work tho'. The folder was already empty, so I went back and tried again.
Mine crashed when I tried to save as an image file, PDF works OK, but not as an image.
Any more thoughts

got Canon Pixma M250, shows error code 5,202,54, this sollution didnt help, since that folder was empty… tried everything, from disconnecting power cable, USB cable, installing latest driver, driverupdatesoftware… nothing… still the scanner refuses to work

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