[For Hackers]Install Linux OS on Android Phone.![Without Root][Hack Everything with Linux Terminal]

[For Hackers]Install Linux OS on Android Phone.![Without Root][Hack Everything with Linux Terminal]

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Hey Guys..Myself Swapnil Srivastava…Today I gonna show you that How can You Install Linux Based Operating System on Your Android Phone Without Having Root Access on Your Phone…!!!! Its a Very Useful…



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Sorry, i can't full write in english becouse i'm from Ukraine. When i click Linux, i see error "Failed to connect community04.clickasound.com/ (Port 1000): connect failed: ECONNREFUSED (connection refused). i'm don't click dislike, if i see, programm is really work, may be, my phone is slow (my phone Samsung j1 2016) i don't know this (i dont learn information technology), write me please, why i can't start Linux, i'm tranclate your message, and may be i have chance to start Linux on my phone. You really good guy. lucky you. sorry for my errors, im from Ukraine and not full know english. Thank you!!!

Bro… I get error.. When I click on linux to run it Its just loading and said.. Connection fail..
Connection to VNC server failed..
i can download vnc viewes also
 Please help me

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