FreeIPA: Open Source Identity Management

FreeIPA: Open Source Identity Management

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Fraser Tweedale
Identity management and authorisation are complex problems, and many
disjoint technologies have emerged as a result – but software should
be making life easier for users and administrators. When it comes
to GNU+Linux in the enterprise, what is our answer to Active

FreeIPA is an integrated identity management solution providing
centralised user, host and service management, authentication…


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@40:00 the user's question was based on a flawed assumption. On the Unix/Linux side system configuration is handled by applications such as Puppet (part of Satellite 6 for RHEL users) or Ansible. However user configuration is handled by identity providers such as FreeIPA. I understand that on windows "Group Policy" handles everything. *nix has the equivalent it's just broken apart for user and for system configuration since those are fundamentally different tasks. In his printer example, you would use puppet to configure CUPS with the printer by setting up printers.conf.

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