FVWM-Crystal on Debian Lenny

FVWM-Crystal on Debian Lenny

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FVWM-Crystal configured with ROX-Filer as the default file manager, transparent terminals, conky and gdeskcal…also changed some shortcuts…pretty nice!! (my desktop at work)



as the actual Fvwm-Crystal administrator and developer, I find your video very nice and I want to put it on Fvwm-Crystal's website I also want to try your bindings, so can you send them to me please? dominique.c.michel at gmail.com

The hacker recipe doesn't have a diamond, you have to use the keyboard shortcuts to access the menus or switch between desktops
alt + Super_L – Menu with aplications (Super_L – left windows button)
alt + Menu – Diamond Menu
ALT+F1 ALT+F10 switching between virtual desktops

You can use the ubuntu forums for debian questions without any problems…
I never tested mint but i think switching to debian isin't going to be that hard….probably is going to take more time to configure!!!

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