How To Add or Remove Email Accounts in Windows 10 Mail App | Windows 10 Tutorial

How To Add or Remove Email Accounts in Windows 10 Mail App | Windows 10 Tutorial

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In this Windows 10 Mail App tutorial, you will learn to how to configure and setup Mail App to Add or Remove email accounts. In the Windows 10 Mail App, you can add multiple email accounts and can access all of your emails at one place, which makes it really convenient. You will also learn how to switch between different email accounts.

The Mail App provide easy setup for most popular email service providers like, Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo extra. If your email service provider is…



Would it also delete my gmail account or would it just delete the gmail from being in Microsoft mail? Cause it says anything linked with it so its really confusing me? Help please?


Hi, I tried to add my Gmail account, but after entering my details. I get an Error with a code 0x80072ee7 and I really dont understand that!!
please help if you can.

Your tutorial is for Windows 10 and I am using Windows 10, but my Microsoft Account page looks completely different than the one shown in your app. I made a huge mistake using my Microsoft account as the login for my computer. I have connected two different email accounts to access my microsoft account. I wanted to remove one of those, but it is totally impossible because whenever I try to do anything, change any setting, remove an additional email account I connected I CAN NOT because only the Windows Administrator User can make any changes and I have forgotten that password and there is no way to recover it. I have spent at the very least, a total of 24 hours, trying to recover that password, remove that email account from my Microsoft account and I come full circle back to "CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT THE ADMINISTRATOR USER ACCOUNT". If I am willing to pay $99.99 Windows or HP will gladly help me correct this problem. I spent a great amount of money to purchase my HP Pavilion 17" screen Laptop which came with Windows 10 already installed. There were NO Laptops or Desktops available that did not have Windows 10 already installed. I thought nothing of it. I'd figured out how to use Windows 8, which everyone hated, so I thought, no problem, I can figure out Windows 10. I did, except for one grave mistake I made by using Microsoft as my login (to get into my computer) and then I compounded the problem my linking a second email account to Microsoft (I can't sign into Windows/my computer with that account) and now I can not even unlink it or remove it from my Microsoft account. I really believed your tutorial on removing a second account, or unwanted account from Microsoft was going to work. It did not, back to the same problem…..everything hinges on knowing the password for the administrator user account. The funny thing is, I can sign into that account to access my microsoft account, but that's where it ends. Seems I am out of luck and I refuse to pay $100 to resolve a problem that is such an egregious mistake made by the developers of Windows 10 in which they made it IMPOSSIBLE for the user to recover there password. This is the one and only time I have ever come across any applications that didn't have a way to recover or reset your password. It seems it is a HUGE SCAM to get another $100 from us. Such greedy *****ds. I have always used Windows, over two decades, but now APPLE is looking pretty good.

Would you PLEASE give me up to date instructions on how to delete one of my Hotmail/Outlook accounts? The set up on my computer is different than what you showed. My settings button is at the top of the page and I see NOTHING there that says accounts. When I click on Options, all I get is a bunch of gibberish on the left hand side and nothing on how to delete an account. thanks!

Whenever I try to add s Google account, I put in my information and allow access, but then it does not create the account. It just stays on a white screen that says, "Connecting to a service." Any advice or help?

I don't want ANY of my accounts linked!!! None. No video explains how to remove EVERYTHING!!! It's all self explanatory shit that we should already know. I want to remove my damn email so nothing is linked and i cannot do it!

My account that I am using to log into windows is the same main email account for Windows 10. The email is not syncing at all, ever. Just suddenly stopped working. When I go to "settings" > "accounts" and select the main account the option that says "change mailbox sync settings" is completely disabled for me.. I cannot even select it to access it and attempt to change these settings. How can I fix this problem?? Can anyone help?

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