How to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu 14.04 AND How to replace Windows with Ubuntu 14.04 (UPDATED)

How to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu 14.04 AND How to replace Windows with Ubuntu 14.04 (UPDATED)

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I know that there are videos like this already on YouTube; however I found them kinda hard to understand if your an average PC user… So I tried to make this video as easy as possible to understand. 😀
Ubuntu ISO –
Universal USB Installer –
Boot Device List Site -…



When I get to the install type part of installation, it doesn't show any partitions and the "new partition table" is greyed out. I have licensed windows 7 and i want to get rid of it and install ubuntu 16.04 LTS. What is the problem?

Every time I boot from the USB the appearing interface looks conpletly different (some greyish dos-like interface) and when I select 'Try Ubuntu' a grey editior windows comes up and after some time my notebook crashes.
What can i do about it?

Great vid but I still have a problem. When I reboot in order to install from usb I see the boot menu (F12 I think) but my pc won't let me choose to install from usb. It just boots to windows 8 regardless of what select. Could you please give me any advice. Thanks
P.S. I have a cyberpowerpc if that tells you anything.

the ubuntu works, but when i restart my computer i am unable to access the ubuntu (even after installing it). it seems the only way to get to the ubuntu, i always have to have my usb connected and hit the special key to load the ubuntu thru the usb. what should i do to access ubuntu normally without the usb?

I don't have the option: Install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8
I tried to format the new disc which I created first NTFS, ten fat32 but nothing.. 
Can you help me pls?

+Looeelooee1 I got all of it all downloaded and am now using Ubuntu, but i installed it with Windows 8. So i was wondering how i get my games and some files from the Windows 8 onto Ubuntu to where i can use them? Thank you for the video!

you don't need to do all the crap at the start. just mount the ISO file to a usb, then boot off the usb. when the boot loader comes up and you start the installation process, you will notice that it gives you the option to install Ubuntu alongside windows. you then choose the amount of space you want to use for it and then finish the installation.

I have installed ubunu 14.10 in dual mode with windows 8.1.  But when i turn on my laptop it directly opening windows 8.1 automatically. To open open ubuntu i have to again go to boot manager and chose ubuntu. And also i'm nt able to access other partioned drives in ubuntu. How i solve these problems? pls help 🙁

im trying to dual boot ubuntu 14.04 with windows 8. when i try this on a lenovo ideapad s415, ubuntu says it doesn't detect any OS, but it does offer the third option which you followed here. can i follow through with the dual boot regardless or am i missing something crucial?

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