How to Enable Audio & Mic in Hyper-V Virtual Machine

How to Enable Audio & Mic in Hyper-V Virtual Machine

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This video shows you how to enable the audio and the microphone in Hyper-V Virtual Machine. The demo is with Microsoft Windows 10 Preview VM. Enable the microphone so you can use the new Cortana feature with Windows 10 in a virtual machine.



to make it work as shown in the vid, you have to enable Enhanced Session Mode for both Server and User in Hyper-V Settings on your Host's Hyper-V Manager and then connect to the Guest VM.
But of course, firstly you need a… functioning brain, dummy.

The trick here is that in the Hyper-V settings (of the host machine, not the virtual one) "enhanced session mode" needs to be turned on, and on the virtual computer you need to activate the service "Remote Desktop Services".. And it only works for some OS-es e.g. windows 8.1 on the virtual machine…

This is BS… skipped the most critical step, "didn't show how you got to Connect to Windows 10 Preview window".

And Alexandre Beaulieu is no help with a mindless response "setup dialog for layout display open".

Seriously…. Why do people even bother

On a video about audio, you dub jarring music over your voice and as the music gets louder, your speech gets quieter and your voice increasingly trails off. I would think you reviewed it and still chose to post up. Why do people even……

Before I originally installed a OS onto the VM, I had the option to alter the display settings (albeit before I found this post to setup sound), but now that I have a OS, and right clicking brings up either nothing before the OS is loaded, or the OS window for customizing the display. How do I get that window back that you show?

Win10 64bit Pro, running Win7 64bit Pro in VM

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