How to Install Oracle 11g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0

How to Install Oracle 11g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0

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How to Install Oracle 11g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0




When I'm trying to install the rpm's, I'm getting an Red Hat Subscription error. Is there any way where we can install the dependencies without subscribing. I'm using the freeware version of RedHat 6.

hi. I  have used the steps  you have provided, but iam geting this error when i begin the installation
/tmp/OraInstall2015-03-16_03-50-48AM/jdk/jre/lib/amd64/server/  bad CRC 2483dc79  (should be 5b137b0d)

what is the cause of this and how do you resolve them

Hi Neely, Since that time i ve not been able to finish d installation of the 10g Oracle developer suite. Do i need to configure a database for me to be able to use this app. since its a middleware
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Please check two major things.
1. Make sure you installed all the pre-requisite rpm's.
2. Make sure all permissions are set properly for the user you are installing.
I haven't installed it on rhel5, i use rhel6, but still this should not happen, i think this is not a compatibility issue, but still go through the above 2 points. Best of luck

Hi… Thank you for the reply, i have got linux5 and tried to install 11g, now i am getting an error as 'Error in invoking target 'idg4odbc' of makefile' at the time of 86% installation complete. please help

re you using RHEL6? You have written Unix. Red Hat Linux 6.0 is not free and now also they are allowing to register for free downloaded version. By the way RHEN registration is only required for online support and updates, it has nothing to do with yum install.

Hi.. its a nice presentation. However, i am getting an error stating my system needs to be register with rhel while using the commands with 'yum' on vm. how is it possible?, i am new to unix and installation.

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