How To Install WordPress On Windows Using WAMP

How To Install WordPress On Windows Using WAMP

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Learn how to install WordPress on windows, install wordpress on windows locally using WAMP server.

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I wasn't able to access my localhost after the installation but it was because I installed PHP7.0 ver of WAMP. After reinstalling PHP5.5 ver, it worked fine.
Thanks for your brief yet complete guidance!

ok say for example on wamp you don't know if your pc is 32 or 64 bit so u get the 32 on the following the page if you don't know if you can download directly so you u choose the link under. it takes you to another page and ask what download you want which do I choose 6.9 6.3 or 1.4

Thank you a lot!!! I could not install wordpress with other tutorials because of errors and other crap. But with yours I succeeded. Also your way to install wordpress is really more simple and clear. You did it in 6 minutes while other tutorials are about 20  minutes long. Great job!

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