how to make debian mate awesome !

how to make debian mate awesome !

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debian iso.



*arc icons ( download online )
system-config-printer …



hola a todos les saluda Rony desde la Republica dominicana quisiera sugerir la re escritura de gnomenu para la versión de Ubuntu Mate es que creo que a mate le vendría bien un menú personalizable ya que en linux actual mente no hay uno uso mate desde la muerte de gnome2 ya que mate es la continuación de gnome2 saludos para todos esta escrito en python

i can do same thing apt-get install "anything you do there" not need debian not need mate. distros sucks .they are not like macosx and windows10. every linux distro is linux same sources difrent themes. good you guys not pay for it. its free and thats why it not need work

Hey Dave, nice. Now, nobody can replace midfingr, but I'd like to see you do an Arch build the Arch way and bring it up to your specs just like this. I know it'd be quite an undertaking, but it would really be nice. I bet all this same stuff would work in Arch.

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