How to setup Windows RD Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)

How to setup Windows RD Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop Client)

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This tutorial will show you how to configure Microsoft RD client on your devices. This tutorial is applicable for iOS, Android & Windows users. This tutorial will help you learn how to remotely access Windows PC using your Android, iOS, Windows Smartphones or using other compatible devices. This tutorial is arranged in two parts

First part explains How to setup Windows RD Client when Host & Client on same network. And second part explains How to setup Windows RD Client when Host & Client on…



WARNING: if you want to connect to your pc from a different connection you should skip to the 2nd part of the video, first part is if your phone and pc are on the same connection.

ive had this working remotely from a different network. i set the ip address to a static one. when i ipconfig it comes up with a different ip address to the one ive stored manually. its driving me insane any ideas? cheers. i just dont understand why its stopped all of a sudden. thank you

Important Information if you use Kaspersky Internet Security:

Kaspersky is blocking the Remote-Connection!
So I did alle the steps the guy from the video explained, but it still
was not functioning. To enable the Remote Connection you have
to go to:

Start – Kaspersky – Settings – Security/ Safety – Firewall – Customize Package Rules
(direktly translated the path above from German to English, maybe the english operating system uses other words…)

Then there is a list where you can find "Remote Desktop"
In this line you have to change the entry from "not allowed" to "allowed".

Your help was really the only thing that worked for me. You had very good instructions and I really appreciate the thought and help that you give in this video.

I do not know if this might be the case for everyone, but I found the reason why Remote Desktop Client for iPhone did not want to connect to my PC on LAN for me, and a solution to it. The Reason was that a service under Services (start typing „Services” once you bring up the Start Menu to have it appear on the search results list for you, or type „services.msc” in Run and then hit Enter) called „Remote Desktop Services” was set to „Disabled”, despite the fact I had toggled „Remote Desktop” under Settings on and enabled all the other settings as well. As far as that said service under Services is concerned, I picked „Automatic” from its drop-down menu and applied the change, after which the service started, along with some other services adjacent to it on the list and related to it. Since then, using my computer’s static IP as the computer name and my account sign in credentials in the app (the username best be of the following format: CumputernameUsername), I am connected to my PC and automatically signed into my account every time I try to connect to it, no issues whatsoever 😀

I have read all the comments, and in my case I can relate to ItzJoe and Kone dib as well as, to an extent, to Brendon Gomez and Joana M. My PC runs on Windows 10 Pro x64 (Version 1803, OS Build 17134.81 at the time of writing), and I try to connect to it from my iPhone 6S Plus running on iOS 11.3.1. I have set up a static IP address ages ago, the format for the PC static IP address being 192.threedigits.onedigit.threerigits, and for the default gateway being 192.threedigits.onedigit.onedigit – YouTube comment section changes the number of the asterisks when used consecutively, so I had to describe the formats after 192 using words instead (my TP-Link TL-WR740N/TL-WR740ND router’s default DNS servers set up as the DNS servers, the router itself running on the 3.16.4 Build 130513 Rel.63875n firmware version, and WR740N v4 00000000 hardware version). And speaking of the router, its firewall is entirely off, and it has the 3389 port forwarded to my PC static IP address just in case. Besides checking the boxes you did under allowing connections, I have also checked the “Allow this computer to be controlled remotely” under Advanced options for “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”. In addition, I have enabled “Remote Desktop” under the System group in Windows Settings. I use Kaspersky Total Security with its built-in firewall in place of the Windows firewall, so I unchecked the “Block connections when user cannot be prompted for action” box under it, allowed Remote Desktop under “Application network rules” as well opened both the TCP and UDP ports at 3389, doing so for both inbound and outbound connections, just in case. I have set up a password for my user account with administrative rights on the PC, which is the only user account on that PC, and put the PC static IP address, account username and password for that account into the iPhone RD App. Despite all that, the error I get every time I try to connect is: “Unable to connect to remote PC. Please verify Remote Desktop is enabled, the remote PC is turned on and available on the network and then try again”

When my windows laptop is logged and I connect remotely using this app, I am able to login remotely but the windows laptop logs out. Is this normal or should the windows laptop stay logged in when another pc is remotely logged in? If using to help a user and I log in remotely to their laptop/desktop I want them to stay logged in as well.

Excelente Video amigo, me indicas por favor por que me sale el puerto bloqueado ya lo configure desde el modem y no me da me sale Error: I could not see your service on on port (3389)
Reason: Connection timed out 🙁 me ayudas por favor nose si se podra desde otra forma un dmz o algo, gracias de antemano

Don't forget to mention RDP does not work on Windows Home Edition for those that don't know and for those who are seeing errors. You can access computers with Home edition but not use RDP to access other computers using Home edition

Kind of useless. Wasted 2 mins of my life for something so useless. This will not work when you aren't on the same network. It would be more useful if you could somehow connect 4G with my wifi to be able to do it from anywhere.

This is more useful if you are running a server and the server is in a server room, or it's in the same room as you but you want to use your main PC to control it.

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