How to uninstall Ubuntu 16.04 /15.04 /14.04

How to uninstall Ubuntu 16.04 /15.04 /14.04

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How to uninstall Ubuntu 16.04 /15.04 /14.04

This Video tutorial is for absolute beginners of Linux OS. And it will show the complete step by step instructions to uninstall the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.
This procedure can be used to uninstall any other Linux OS like LinuxMint, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu Gnome etc.

Note: Please be careful while uninstalling the OS. A small mistake while uninstalling may be losing important data. So watch the video once before uninstall. And follow the same…



hi i installed ubuntu 16.04 in my pc. I installed it in same drive C drive where my Windows 07 was already present. Now my windows 07 is not starting. During start when i choose windows 7 it just shows me windows 7 logo and then it will again restart my pc.Now only ubuntu is in working. I want to uninstall my ubuntu. Plzz help.

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