How to use Q-Dir to work in many windows –

How to use Q-Dir to work in many windows –

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Q-Dir is a very good file explorer and manager. It works like the default Windows file management utility. It supports tabbed browsing whereby one of the panels can open more than one folder at a time and arrange them in folders the same way browsers organize webpages. It has an amazing interface which is easy to use for all kinds of users.




Great guide. I have tried various great freeware dual pane file manager, but those are not able to satisfy my needs. Now, after using this Q-Dir software, I can say that this nifty little file explorer and manager with an amazing Quadro-View technique is remarkable. It has a super interface which is easy to use for all kinds of users. Its significant features make me happy. So I recommend this to all. Techyv, I am very glad that you shared this video. Your attractive tutorial will inspire the viewer to test this software.

A very good file manager and explorer alternative to have! I can't think of any. It’s easy to install and does what it says. I use Q-Dir and it helps me to manage my files and folder easily. It is fast and easy to access and allows me to browse up to four locations at the same time. The interface is extremely simple and intuitive and remarkably cool to work with multiple files. It supports tabbed browsing and allow me to customize the application, extensive configuration options and Q-Dir helps me to adjust with great information on how the software operates. On the whole, Q-Dir is a wonderful replacement for the famous Windows Explorer, if anyone is looking for methods to increase productivity, this might be one of the coolest paths to succeed their goal. Thanks Techyv for getting vent to this video.

Excellent video!! With Q-Dir, I can make my files and folder easy to manage. No! Q-Dir gives me other nice functions that make me happy. I can save many hand movements and also time! Q-Dir does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop. Really, its advantage is awesome.
Now, I am working with many Excel spreadsheets, and I want to view and work with them at the same time on my screen. Can you help me ?

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