[HowTo] Prevent Cut, Paste, Copy, Delete, Re-naming of Files & Folders on Windows

[HowTo] Prevent Cut, Paste, Copy, Delete, Re-naming of Files & Folders on Windows

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Preventing users from messing around with your file system is one of the toughest thing to implement on a Windows machine. Simply named Prevent, this small utility allows the computer owner to disable Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Copy To, Move to and Send To options as well as prevent renaming of files. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V are rendered function-less too. Disabled options are…



O programa bacana, Mas não proíbe arrastar o arquivo. ou seja ainda da pra copiar ou excluir com botao direito do mouse excluir sim. ou arrasta o arquivo da rede ou do hd pra outra pasta ou pen driver, que seja. Nao funciona bem

Thanks very much for this. I am sick of playing around with windows security permissions and not getting it to work the way I want it. This program does exactly what I want quickly and easily. But one problem is that I can't get it to activate on start-up. If I put it in the start-up list, the program starts, but the user would still have to activate it. I really want users to access my files but not change or delete it. Is there a way to have 'Prevent' activated all the time?

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