Install Western Digital 4TB Internal Hard Drive in 1 Partition ( Windows 7/8/10 ) – TricK i Know

Install Western Digital 4TB Internal Hard Drive in 1 Partition ( Windows 7/8/10 ) –  TricK i Know

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Hi friends When you brought a WD 4 Tb Hardisk , your windows will support only 2 tb part of your Hardisk only. Lets Create Western Digital Single Volume 4 TB Drive. First thing you have to do that Install Windows on another hardisk and then connect 4 tb hardisk on secondary Sata Port.

Install Western Digital 4TB Internal Hard Drive in 1 Partition ( Windows 7 )

The main thing of this problem is , all we use…



plz doston koi aomei partition assistant professional ka ful version download link hai toh send karo bahut prroblem me hun, bhai sahab ne video sahi diya hai par wohi same hard drive same color same company same size mere paas bhi hai, par problemis that ki aomei partition assistant standard version hai jisme gpt mode nehin ho raha hai, again to my fried who watching this video plz help me also again the admin of this video, plz do help..meri naukri chali jayegi yaaron

It works great your video was very helpful and works great thank you I heard a lot of beeping the background I guess your shop is near the street?
what do you do with this software once you've downloaded and made your 4 Tb able to use the whole thing you delete to keep it for next time if there is a next time

Hi Mr. TiK, First of all, finaly a good video and good explenation!
I have tried this program, but I have already used the one part almost full. The 2nd part however is still empty. Do I still need to convert to GPT? To me it sounds like I will loose all data on the used part.

what am i doing wrong. I have 4TB (External) WD Green HD. When I view it in AOMEI Partition Assistant it shows as only 2TB
I want to make it one large 4TB drive again. And just use as external storage (no OS) just one large 4tb drive. When I clikc on either one of the of the 2 (1TB Partitions) It doesnt allow me to (not active) even select convert to GPT. Its not active to do Right now I have 1 2tb drive thats main system (C:) that one is fine. Its the 2nd drive I have plugged in usb. Its showing only 2TB (split into 2 partitions) but its actually a 4TB drive. How do i get it back to that?

That purple drive is made for Surveillance system where data is written 24×7. You shoud have bought a blue for regular/normal usage or a black drive for high performance. your drive will collapse soon if you keep using it in your computer.

Hello ,
I'm planning to do some backups to data & video files on large HDD's (4-6TB's) .
The plan is to access these drives by an external docking station , if I need them in a hurry and don't have the time to install the HDD in the PC .
My question is : will the PC recognize all of the 4-6TB in GPT mode , from an external USB3 connected docking station ?
I've heard that Win 7 (32 bit) had some trouble with that , but Win 7 (64 bit) and above should be ok .

Thanks !

Hey, let's say you reinstalling windows or switching this 4tb drive to another PC, will it still be recognized as 4tb? I mean, do you need convert to gpt 4tb drive everytime you reinstall windows or just once and it will lasts forever?

You are a saviour πŸ™‚
I was stuck with my WD 4TB Purple HD as after installing windows 10, half of the disk wasn't showing and nobody have a solution for this…..
i used ur trick and it's completly fine now !!
Thanks for the help πŸ™‚

Hello sir.Can you tell me your PC Configuration?I am planning to build a new PC and I just dont have the idea of the motherboard which supports 4TB Internal Hard Drive.Thank you

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