Learn Linux Essentials Free!

Learn Linux Essentials Free!

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https://ndg.tech/LEa – A quick tour of NDG’s Free Linux Essentials course online. Completely browser based, anyone can sign up online. Learn LInux Basics for Free! You do not have to be affiliated with an Academy or an Academic institution. Just go to https://ndg.tech/LEa and create an account! This online course features a Linux operating system embedded right into the browser making it really easy to practice using Linux while you are reading the curriculum.



Hi mate 🙂
This is what happens to me: After i join my netacad account, i try to enroll but it gives me the error: "The specified resource does not exist" on NDG Linux Essenzial.
can you help me?

Otherwise i enrolled on NDG Linux Unhatched.

Thank you for fast response . i checked your suggestion .. it was really good
but really i want to learn myself how can i build my own project .. for example vpn server , mail server , access point etc.. as graphical page
so if you please if there any tutorial or pdf guide

Best regards


I'm using Raspberry Pi 3 linux ver Debian … my question is how can i build welcome web page to inter Raspberry Pi and modify network parameters for example ( IP ,GW, DNS ) as graphical clicks? the idea is same when i program the router ADSL .

Best regards

Hello Dan, thanks for all the great knowledge share, you are a bless, thanks so much, one quick question though, when creating the account for canvas LMS I was asked for a course code, I am talking about the Linux Essentials which should be free, little help please?

I added this to active Netacad account last month. Also, they lowered Linux 1 to $39.99.
I'm taking CCNA 2 this fall. I used your subnetting videos. Thanks

Hi. Nice video. What Linux distro would you recommend for first time Linux user. I am near ready Software developer but I have no Linux experience which I'd like to change. So I'm looking for light, plain Linux distro fit for programming. Also later I'm going to install Kali as I'm also interested in Pen testing my software.

Looks like it's not active yet? I'm getting this message on both my old and new account I created. "This course has not been published by the instructor yet."

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