Linux Tip | Moving to a New /home

Linux Tip | Moving to a New /home

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In this video I show you how to add a new hard drive and make it your default /home drive. WARNING! This may or may not work for you depending on hardware and distribution. BACK EVERYTHING UP FIRST!

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I wish I found this yesterday
I realized that my username wasn’t what I wanted it to be so I just opened the usr file as riot and changed the name…
I broke Linux mint
It’s ok though cause I’m running fedora on the Machine. Thank you so much for you knowledgeable videos.

you Make Awesome Videos Man! Keep it up! However this one Broke my Arch Linux Install.. ;( I probably missed a step or something… I got stuck in a Login loop that ended with a black screen after few login attempts..I was able to Log into tty and edit the /etc/fstab to fix it..I just deleted all the new text in there and rebooted, I didn't delete the original home partition thats shared with root, so maybe thats why the home switch didn't work, but because It was still there, I was able to boot back up like normal…guess I'll just use the HDD for something else for now..

You saved me gobs of time with this. I about pooped my drawers when it wouldn't let me back in after reboot but after the initial panic left, I popped in a mint live usb and used that to correct my fstab file. Worked like a charm.
I changed a couple of things around. I made a copy of my original fstab file first and then edited it with kwrite before I "sudo rm -rf *" (I just hate programs like nano. I feel like I'm back in the stone age when I see them). I also used labels instead of uuids. I don't know if there are any drawbacks to that, I'll have to research.

Joe, I've learned a lot from you. Thanks. On to the question… You deleted the entire contents of the /home directory on the original volume, but not the /home directory. The new volume mounts at /home. Obviously it worked, but why would you not delete the /home directory on the original volume when you're replacing it with the new volume? ( probably ocd of me, but I'm curious…. ) Thanks again.

I've been trying for a day to have my / on an encrypted ssd and /home on an encrypted hdd with a key file for the hdd in the root system to automatically unlock it with one password. Can't get it to work though.

i had a drive setup with 4 partitions so i had a /boot / /home and swap. so for my case i had to comment out the original line in the fstab file that pointed to the home partition to get it to work but it has worked for me !

You can use `cd -` to cd to the previous working directory, `cd -2` to cd to the one before that and so on. Hope it helps the next time you accidentally cd to the wrong dir! 😉

Outstanding job. Very easy for me to follow. One question; I'm not sure why I would want Home in another partition. Can the same Home partition be shared by multiple releases of the same Linux distro like Linux Mint 17-1, 17-2, and 17-3?

Joe just want you to say again, you are a excellent teach. When you can put the information out there so simple to understand you will have a great following. You my friend make Linux fun and exciting to learn.

Dear Joe is it possible to do this on the windows OEM Image that come pre installed on the laptop?? I have a HP laptop that I'm planing to replace its HDD with SSD and it came with this original windows that is mounted in a small fraction of the HDD that you can restore the system to its original state in case some thing wrong happen

Joe, you are the man! Would I be able to point to another hard drive for /home during a new install with advanced partitioning from your other video?

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