Linux Tutorials [02] – Make Your Own Linux OS Using Suse Studio

Linux Tutorials [02] – Make Your Own Linux OS Using Suse Studio

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In this video Nayan Seth will show how easily anyone can make his or her own linux os without any programming skills. (website to visit –

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this is the gui version of lfs (linux from scratch) but is it possible to include a different package manager like pacman or aptitude but you did explain it well kudos bro

Bro I need help
I've made the ISO file now Im downloading it
It boots and all but its it brings me to a command prompt in which In don't know what to do cause I'm noob

You sound like my little brother but your video helped me a lot. Thank you very much. I was looking at ways to create personalised Linux LiveCD and I was asked to take a look at susestudio. Your step-by-step visual guide was easy and practical way to learn instead of reading through manuals.

Btw, you got 'enable PAE' option because you originally selected 32-bit architecture. If you have 32-bit system, you cannot have RAM more than 4GB. But the technique of PAE (Physical Address Extension) allows one to use more than 4GB RAM even on 32-bit system. If you actually have a 32-bit linux installed anywhere, you can type 'uname -r' in the terminal. You can see the kernel name usually ends with '-pae' to indicate that this feature has been enabled.

Anyways, good luck and keep such videos coming…

My biggest complaint is that you never want to hear someone giving a lesson say "I don't know what that is" or "I've never heard of that" especially in important areas.

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For every n00B out yhere trying to make a linux os useing this, 1, you cant intall linux on a windows computer. 2, this isnt an os. 3, go fuck yourselfs, if you cant bother to learn coding the stuff yourself, stop trying. Its like making bread without flour.

dude i downloaded the iso file created the bootable disc
still it is showing problems !
i cant understand !
something about the root file system !
now wat to do !
i am desperate to run this !

Yes. It is exactly like any other Linux Distribution (Ubuntu, etc). Its base will be SUSE. While other Linux Distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint are built on Debian. You dont have to make any changes. Just make a bootable Disc with the ISO file and install it on your PC. You can watch my video on how to make a bootable disc or USB.

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