Load balancing apache web server cluster in ubuntu large scale web hosting

Load balancing apache web server cluster in ubuntu large scale web hosting

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Finally!! A video tutorial i completely understand!!
Okay, so if i was able to run a wordpress website, on the hadoop cluster. how would i go about this? with SQL and data syncing between the 2 Apache servers? (Example, if i were to make a new post on wordpress website)… does the load balancer get involved with syncing data between the 2? or do i have to manually go to each individual apache server and make the changes? all help appreciated!!
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Nice Tutorial, but my Loadbalancer isnt working and i dont know why. How does the Loadbalancer know where his config file is? I saw many tutorials and the cfg file is in any tutorial at another path.

I have C program written in 16 bit system , I have generate big prime numbers unfortunately which i cannot. My question is how i can use cluster and use the power of more then one pc to generate even bigger prime number more then that what a single computer can generate. Thanking you .

Hey thanks for this video but after given path in proxypass its not working for me!! i have given the documentroot path here!!! Before giving path its working without css,images and i try to give document root path in proxypass after it shows loab balancer papache page only!!!

Hi, could you please help me with my problem right now? After doing the same things like you did from the beginning until setting all the different static IPs for the 3 machines, I tried to access those addresses on the browser as in 20:09; However, my browser responses: can't reach this page. I checked the connection by ping on each machine's console and they all responsed, but nothing appeared on my browser. And I'm using Ubuntu server 14.04 and windows 10, so does it affect? Thanks.

This will probably sound like a stupid question but what i am not sure of is that if i amusing a load balancing configuration i want to put the pound server "behind" the proxy server right??? Now does the proxy server defeat the speed advantages of the load balancing configuration???

You can serve content also from that load-balancing-proxy-server. So some content can be from proxy and some from those  backend-servers.

One can ask, why, but if you want monitor workings of that balancer etc, temperatures, maybe Zabbix or someting.
Just exclude some directories or virtual hosts.

One can load that web content and even configs from nfs-server, which can lead to very thin servers in cluster, cause pxeboot/tftp is always boot-option. Diskless-servers.

Maybe two balancers, with HA (hearthbeat), some web-servers, nfs-server/nas/san and db-cluster.

Nowadays there are quite nice low-power servers, which use 12v and are relatively cheap. Maybe 50w/server.
If one can spare electrical cost, let's say 300$/year/server, it'll adds up quickly. Also 12v is much nicer, if you want to make own ups-system.

Ofc db-cluster and fileserver are harder-server, but those can be one server/cluster and it'll help if you need to scale up or even sideways…

Nice tutorial, Well done, well executed and excellent easy to follow steps. Two thumbs up. I am looking forward to the multiple load-balancer+heartbeat tutorial and the clustered mysql tutorial.

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