MicroNugget: Modern User Interface in Windows Server 2012

MicroNugget: Modern User Interface in Windows Server 2012

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CBT Nuggets trainer Tim Warner explains the Modern User Interface in Windows Server 2012. Tim discusses the user interface, “Windows Start Screen,” in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 and the design language, Modern.



In my home Windows 8 computer I spend 95% of my time in the desktop. It would be 100% on a server. Store? Music? News? sorry. Server 2008 is just proof that Metro is consumer-only. They could have written control-panel, management, SQL server control manager, etc. in Metro with live title notices, etc. but they didn't… because Metro lacks the information density and control to do anything more than view news or simple email. Until MS ports serious apps to Metro, there is no point having it.

Interesting video, but you have to wonder what the heck Microsoft is playing it. Not user friendly in any shape or form. They are seriously losing the plot….

My guess is that Microsoft does not want everyone to purchase the server version just to avoid contending with the Metro UI. I can't imagine any IT department being very happy with this.

So would you please tell me what is the exam code number for this particular paper, i studied Windows server 2008 and i want to get my MCITP in windows 2012, so please tell me the code number of all pages for MCITP if possible, thanks in advance, i hope you can help me!

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