My free (restored) Dell Poweredge 2600 – NAS / Webserver

My free (restored) Dell Poweredge 2600 – NAS / Webserver

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This is the same Dell PE-2600 I got from the city’s IT department that was bound for the compactor. I replaced the raid battery and re-installed Windows Server 2k3 Enterprise Edition on it and set it up as a NAS with a web UI.

Yes I am aware that there is more modern and faster hardware out there but this server is much more reliable than most of the reasonable server solutions out there within my budget today. Also it works and it was free so hell yeah I’m going to use it.




I have a server like that, problem with the orange led flashing and the monitor does not turn on, I have removed the memories and cleaned, removed the battery to clean the CMOS and still continues blinking orange and does not turn on the monitor, Do you have any tips on how I can solve it?

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