MySQL/MariaDB Basics (RHCE Study)

MySQL/MariaDB Basics (RHCE Study)

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The very basics of MariaDB (the MySQL fork used in RedHat certification exams). 99% of this also applies to ‘regular’ MySQL and non-RHEL Linux distributions.

0:30 Quick 3-minute intro to MySQL and MariaDB
2:50 Install MariaDB Package with yum
3:05 MariaDB service management under systemd
3:55 (usually not required) mysql_install_db script to initialize the database
4:50 secure your MySQL installation with the mysql_secure_installation script – ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL!
7:09 The main MariaDB…



thank you for the video, it's good to see someone actually using the mysql_secure_installation script before setting up the rest, and talking about the problems with mysql, rather than simply focusing on how to get to the SQL commands to prove that 'it works right after installing'
could you do this kind of video for postgresql? or if not, do you have any recommendations for books, blogs, or the like for setting up and using postgresql? for starters, something like the mysql_secure_install script, but for postgresql, I have read the documentation, and it is good, but it's kind of overwhelming, there's way too much information, but strangely not enough simple use case examples, I get that the point of that is probably that you have to get to know the thing to the point where you can get the most out of it, but it's kind of difficult to get to know it because the initial curve is so high (specifically the configuration in Linux)
also, are you familiar with certifications like the Cisco, RHCSA, COMPTIA, Linux Foundation, etc. which one would you recommend? (I'm still in college, and I thought getting one of those before, or around the time I graduate would be useful when job hunting)
thanks again for the videos!

Great intro to MySQL! Thanks, have questions though. Are MySQL and MariaDB fully compatible? If a product has been written for either one, will it work with the other? Trying to figure out where the differences lie – if you have an app that specifically states support for MySQL, and you are running CentOS/RHEL, should you simply go ahead and use MariaDB or should you go through the pain of installing MySQL?

Can you show us how to install and setup PostgreSQL?
When I tried to install it, it was a nightmare. I had to use 'su -l postgres', add postgres to 'sudoers', modify 'postgresql.service', …
YouTube videos on this topic are garbage and so is the official documentation on installation. Luckily there is a page for it on ArchWiki.
I'm still afraid of trying to install it again.

You asked if someone would like to see more tutorials about MariaDB. My answer is that there are many tutorials on MySql and MariaDB but not so many tutorials about systemd. You have done a basics tutorial of systemd but I would like to see more about that subject.

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