NOAB 02: Linux Vs Windows, Which Is Better?

NOAB 02: Linux Vs Windows, Which Is Better?

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Can Linux really take over Windows in the desktop space? Let’s discuss.

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So you especially pointed out in the video that editing videos is a problem for conversion. And as you used Linux for quite a while I guess you tested out openshot,kdenlive, lightworks and/or blender as video editors.
So what do you feel is lacking from this that makes you not recommend a user creating videos to use Linux?

I haven't been uploading videos sense last year as my free time got heavily reduced (luckily), but back then I used Kdenlive, and had no real problems with it. (Heard that 4k can be troublesome on it but haven't tested it my self.)

I didn't think I'd agree with you cause Linux users seem to eulogise about it while I just found it kinda hard work and I thought myself pretty good with PCs. But yeah I can see it as a basic desktop or even a HTPC/Streaming box now but I can't really see it replacing Windows entirely yet.

Hello Kev, I hate windows and the reason I hate it is the constant updates, if I switch of my old laptop it can take 30 mins or more, used Ubuntu for a while and it's brilliant on a slow laptop and free with good software. It's not pretty but works. However I got interested in Macs and ended up putting together an Hackintosh which is brilliant, so I guess the Mac system is for me. Good subject. Rsm8

I've got some deodorant called Linux and I remember going to the zoo and seeing one too ;op. I do use some Open Source software but never bit the bullet and used it for my operating system.

I first used Linux on my 68030 Amiga a couple or 3 years ago 😉 just because I could. When Commodore folded I had to look for a new platform and started to build my own machines (it was cheaper to do it that way in those days) Obviously Linux (from Linux Format) being free to use, more stable than windoze and less resource hungry was the way to go. I also used to run my own web site so set up a machine with centos to act as my development bed at home. I don't run the web site any more so don't need a server, also buying off the shelf is cheap enough now days and comes with windoze pre installed so don't use Linux any more. I think I have used up all of the hobbies nerd in me.

One more thing. If you really want to see what Linux and Open source can do check out the shorts below. They rival anything Pixar, Disney etc.. put out. There is a VERY steep learning curve to using Blender and the other software but if you have the time and patents and some imagination the sky is the limit. These were all done using Linux and Open source software.

Cosmos Laundromat:

Big buck Bunny:


Elephants Dream:

A couple of points real quick, Ubuntu, LinuxMint just to name a couple do offer a service so you can have a number to call if you need support. It will cost a small fee per year that ends up costing not much more then if you paid for Windows or Mac OS.. They are really good about support also. I have been on Ubuntu/LinuxMint since Vista came out and before that RedHat. As for video editing if you do basic video editing all you need is Kdenlive or Openshot and they do as good a job as anything on Mac or Windows and they are free (tho I do support them with donations) however if you need something more powerful then yes Windows or Mac would probably be the best or if you need iTunes (DAMN YOU ITUNES! ), Adobe suit photoshop etc.. then yes Windows or Mac again. However video editors like Lightworks is changing that pretty quickly. You might be suprised to know there are move vloggers out there using Linux, Sticker bombed is one. I only use Linux have for years, I spend my days providing care for over 10,000 Windows servers and 5,000 Linux and Unix servers for a major Pharma company and while it kills my boss that I replaced Windows with LinuxMint he only cares about results. 🙂 Don't forget you can always try Linux from USB thumb drive or DVD if you wish with out causing any issues with your Windows Install, just keep in mind its going to be slower on those two mediums then installed to the hard drive. And the comments below are correct unless Linux (any distro) starts shipping with computers (other then Dell and HP where you have to actually actively select it at check out) its going to be hard to gain traction. If Linux could get get market share with the likes of Vista and Windows 8 I don't hold a lot of hope. I will say the 5 people who I installed LinuxMint for still run it 3+ years and running and no calls from them. 🙂

I like Linux very much. Have dual boot because for working stuff I need fe adobe software. Linux is a little bit user unfriendly in beginning
installing and setting up. But I managed ;). Only annoying thing is I have several hds. Linux sees them all but in Windows it only sees the disk its installed on and not the others.
BTW there are pretty capable video editors for Linux.

Linux is admired by some for its buildable values….its a project for some and a pain in the butt for others…..some dual boot with windows or just fling in a disc and experiment with it……I tried Ubuntu years ago and admired the possibilitys with it but with win xp running sweetly on the old Acer block I didn't pursue it …..

I use (Xubuntu) Linux on my laptop and really like it. I've been messing with Linux since I was 13 or 14 I guess. Trying all falovours, from debian to suse and redhat to gentoo. I've always liked the fact that you can basicly always see or find out what your computer is actually doing, and with the right support from (driver) manufacturers it's way more effecient than windows.

I highly recommend anyone who has an old laptop or pc to install Ubuntu and just play around with it a bit. It's just too bad that people are used to the windows start menu and tend to get scared when things are in a different place.

I am pretty sure that I told you that you shouldn't do religion Kev. I have tried various flavours but haven't switched. To be honest, it's because I can't be bothered with computers any more.

I do remember going to a tech show where we were promoting Dynamics and having the world's smuggest man repeatedly give a demo and say "there are no viruses on Linux". When I finally got a break and sat in his presentation I may have flummoxed him with my simple question. "Do you think that if Linux gains traction on the desktop that there will still be no viruses?". I wasn't asked to leave but I didn't get an answer.

I use a mixture of Red Hat, CentOS and Ubuntu at work, I do like how Ubuntu are trying to make it more user friendly and bringing it tom the masses. And now the likes of Steam has been ported to it with some games, it could be a big player soon.
Red Hatband CentOS are certainly more of your server based OS's (OK, I know that you can install desktop applications on there), so won't really be as useful for home users.

I would like to see more people grabbing it by the horns and not be too afraid of it, but not too many as it keeps me in a descent job :-p

if the market share changed then Linux would likely adapt to meet the requirements of the mass market. However there's currently just not enough of an incentive for your 'average person'. Windows comes with most machines, which doesn't affect the price of machines like many techies think. Windows supply their OS's for next to nothing in order to keep their market share, I mean most 'average people' can't reinstall an OS easily. But yeah server side, Linux all the way imo, but still Windows server has active directory which is useful.

I only use debian, much prefer it at home and at work. Will agree it makes installing some things a pain (eg some printers) but having all the packages at your fingertips makes installing most stuff a breeze. When I first started using it usb didn't work so am thankful thats not a problem anymore!

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