PC Gaming Windows VS Linux

PC Gaming Windows VS Linux

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This is the current state of gaming in Linux concerning software, hardware, and what needs to change for a better experience whilst gaming on Linux



I miss linux and am building a second pc (g4560 1050ti) how bad is it it now? I'm having a 128gb ssd and 2tb hdd. Do I just put Ubuntu on like 50gb of the hdd?

Well, the only thing that I see that makes windows even a thing to consider is some developers and companies just make it for windows, if they would all provide linux support, I wouldn't see any reason to choose windows. oh and for gaming on a laptop, I think linux is by far best, I mean think about the games you could play on a laptop, without a graphics card, it would really be just the low end easy to run games. and pretty much all of those support linux. Actually, if you're getting a laptop at all, I dont see any reason why any laptop should have windows on it. Most things that are only on windows, you couldn't run on an average laptop anyway even with windows

To fellow gamers,computers users and, fellow consumers.

Why not just see what games ARE available on LInux (including Steam) and
buy your games you like. This is how you support gaming on Linux, then
go ahead and donate to your distro,. if you buy Windows at over $100 a
pop you are supporting a monopoly and enriching and financing the War on
your freedom of choice. It seems pretty clear and cut and dry to me.
I build computers both custom and refurbished. And I 'm clear with my customers, telling them Windows is going to cost you over $100 plus installation fee of $25. Then I explain that windows is designed to spy on you, and what a pain in the arse( censorship work around) it is to sit there install and work around that. Then I let them know that if they choose Linux I will only charge them a $30 installation fee, half of which I donate to the given Linux distro project.

I have never used Linux, except when i upgraded the firmware on my BenQ XL2720Z monitor. Done it twice!
First to V2 then to V5. Linuxliveusb *try ubuntu" from a usb drive. When i upgraded to V5 i did it while runing it as main monitor, running. Amazing =D
Gonna install Linux on a spare ssd but the gaming part makes me unsure. How does CS GO run?

i got a mutipurpose laptop for school, work, and gaming. Got a 128 ssd for instant boot up, 6 cell battery and i5 6200u for long battery life, 1 tb hdd and a beefy gddr5 version of gtx 950m for gaming purposes. I run on linux mint, which like the hardware is very well rounded too. In short, its jack of all trade, expert in all but master of none 🙂
This is my linux desktop. Beauty isnt it?

I have installed GCN/Linux Mint a few days ago, just to try it out. I have some serious issues with Windows 10. Not only the telemetry, the GUI also has some big problems compared to W7.
I just installed it a few days ago. My experience so far: the mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse worked directly (including FN-button and DPI-selector), though I don't know if it is possible to select the lower DPI-setting and you probably have to write your own software for the led-lighting (which I don't care about) or use a program which some other user has written.
The sound card didn't work, that was rather disappointing given that it is one of the big brands. I could solve that by installing some new Linux softwarwe but I had to find the solution on some forum and it was a post from 2009.
I don't blame the Linux community, the hardware companies should make drivers for Linux. I don't even care wether it is closed code (though I prefer open code for drivers) as long as it works.

I haven't tried out gaming yet. I will compare The Talos Principle on Mint to Windows, in theory it shouldn't make a lot of difference. For DX-games I will keep using Windows, for Open GL games and Vulkan games I'll try Linux, just because I don't like Windows anymore. Windows 7 was mostly ok (one update of Windows screwed up my computer), Windows 8 and 10 headed in the wrong direction.

One wrong assumption in the video.
"1% of PC owners has a very powerful gaming rig and a percentage of those built his own PC".
Wrong assumption. Many people built an ordinary PC (just 1 1070, i5 6600k (or maybe 6700k…)), simply because it is better tuned for what you want, you get no OEM bullshit (like not begin allowed to overclock) and it is a little less expensive, especially7 if your rig is above average.

Other than that I agree.

Dam I never considered myself a 1%er. I actually love Bernie Sanders and hate the rich! LOL I know what he is talking about, but because us computer builders knwo what we are doing does not make us the bad guys, it makes exactly like this guy is, we just took our time saving the money for the parts is all we did! And when you read on you will see why I am looking at LINIX

the reason why I learned to build my own computer was to save money. Intelligence is the deference against what the 1% rich do to screw you.

My "beefy computer" cost me less then a grand to build, the knowledge if how to save money and wheel and deal, has let me know I can upgrade certain parts and not others, to be able to have a massive power house machine.

I am running a I7 3770k with 16 gigs ram built myself 3 years ago. I upgraded to a 1080 video card and not the rest of the system because the new cpus only have a bout a 15% increase in performance compared to my current set up, my game play perfect now so why bother!

I am looking at linix now, because being educated and against the 1%ers. I am seeing this TPP trade agreement being forced on the world and on us, with a rigged election to put Hillary in office who will sign the TOO into law.

now what does this have to do with Window (today) and linix, and why big corporations will not get on board with Linix, well it has everything to do with it. They are all tied together.

Microsoft is playing hardball with windows 10 forcing it on us, and now Intel and AMD are going to make chips that will work with Windows 10 only.

Why, because this is how they take us over, and unless we embrace linix and find a way to make the gaming work, then we are POWNED by corporate America.

the whole forced spying thing is to make user they know who is planning to stand up against them.

Theonly way we will get our way is to refuse to use windows 10 and hurt the pocket books of Nvidia, Intel, AMD and the game developers.

We may have to stand our ground for the preservable future, we may have ot get off our computer and go back to life before computers took over! Like actually going to a bar to meet people!

I think the solution is use Java to write games. I know people hate Java but Java allows me to write code once and run anywhere. C++ is portal but developers optomize their code for windows and thats why games don't work on other platforms. I could write code in C or C++ that will work ok on all platforms but then I would have to sacrafice optomization. Also, most people use windows so to get the most customers they choose windows. Companies invent new languages like C# and objective C to lock programmers into their platforms. Java is the best to run on multiple platforms, while the other two is to sell windows and Mac to the developer;however, linux people hate Java as well.

A lot of you are saying that you wouldn't consider Linux unless it had more software support.
Developers don't want to develop for Linux because there are not enough people.

I think we are in a little bit of a dilemma.

We shouldn't fear our governments, our governments should fear us. Now apply this for the digital world.

Don't let Microsoft control you because they are nobody without us !

There does need to be a little more gaming support, but I honestly hope Linux doesn't become HUGE. One of the great things about it, and one of the reasons it stays away from corporate greed, is because it never had a billion users.

Happens to everything that becomes wicked popular. Look at YouTube: they get big, corporations ruin the experience for all of us users. Especially recently.

Hey man,i need help with Medieval 2 Total war game on Steam in Linux Mint 17.3

When i try start to game on Steam nothing happens

But i can play this game on Windows 10,with same pc

My system is:Intel Core i5 480m,2×2 gb ddr3 1066 mhz ram,Intel Hd graphics

I try resolve this with Feral Interactive(which ported this game to Linux)

They say only Ubuntu supports the game(Linux Mint is also Ubuntu based,even its ppa s from Ubuntu)

And they said,my gpu is unsupported to.(They want Iris Pro)

So is there anyway i can play this game?

By doing some configs or anything else?

AMD Vulcan in combination with Steam may just obliterate any barrier developers have been building between themselves and opensource in general and Linux in particular. Alternatively, they may feel it is impossible to protect what they feel are proprietary algorithms in this paradigm (spinning a lie) and jettison the platform whole cloth. We shall see. I hope that AMD Vulcan and OpenSource prevail.

Your right about OS's having different things, like Linux does not have NSA spyware baked into the OS like Windows. Linux doesn't have virus's like Windows does. Linux doesn't cost any money like Windows does.

But you are also wrong on that point as well. I have a BS and MS in computer engineering and have studied Operating Systems. Technically speaking, windows is an inferior OS design. OSX is based on Unix so is very similar to Linux which is why technically speaking, OSX is better than Windows as well.

The only reason Windows is used by people, is due to M$ propaganda. They spend millions making sure people know Windows starting in the schools and a history of corruption forcing PC makers to have windows and only windows pre-installed.

Linux has always been more advanced than Windows. Its always been the superior product. But that's not how the market place works. In the monetary system, propaganda marketing decides popularity. Billy gates knew this years ago when he started advertising DOS.

With the Vulkan API around the corner, i'd like to see how developers look up to Linux now to be an optional and a huge opportunity to make games on such an open source platform..

The porting of all the games being on WIndows would probably be a pain, but it's only for the better i believe.

Since Linux gamers are going to be stuck with Xorg for at least another 2 years (and XWayland after for some games), more developers need to learn to make their games run in separate X Sessions when in Fullscreen. As it is, most games just run in a window that fills the screen, so the Window Manager has control over settings like brightness and Vsync, not the game itself. The end user has to manually move the game to an empty X Session to resolve this.


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