Print from Windows 7 Snipping Tool

Print from Windows 7 Snipping Tool

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A quick and easy way to create a snip and actually print out an image from Windows 7 Snipping Tool.



I've been using MS windoze since 3.0. If this moronic absence of a print command is any indication, it is that MS really hasn't changed much since back then. They ALWAYS have developed stuff half way, leaving out key points of functionality that a third grader would immediately notice. If they are consistent, petitioning them to add a print command to this app will result in a command to send the image to your toaster with an added border from their collection of 1000 borders that their app committee spent 99% of their time to finalize … but still no print command.

Just click the save button a second time and right click on the file, print. No crapping up your desktop that way. Just save new snips as the same file name and overwrite each time, too.

I have been a Snagit fan for years and it is totally customizable for whatever type of grab you want and whatever type of output you want. Very inexpensive for what it does.

@tiplibrary If you need something with far more function that's still free, try IrfanView. I do not know the author or have any personal interest in Irfanview, but I've used it for many years with great success. It has a hotkey for nearly every common function, so you can do a lot with little effort. I wind up doing a Ctrl-PrtSc to capture the active window then pasting it into IrfanView. Even without cropping, IrfanView allows you to drag a box around exactly what you want to copy or print.

Once again M$ fails consumers. Until Snipping Tool has native print FROM WITHIN THE TOOL, I'll stick with a screen cap, past into IrfanView, area select, and print. Your solution is functional, but saving first before printing is an idiotic requirement when the tool itself should be able to print directly.

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