Server 2008 Lesson 9 – Joining Windows 7 Clients to a Domain

Server 2008 Lesson 9 – Joining Windows 7 Clients to a Domain

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In this lesson I connect a Windows 7 computer to my switch and then join it to a domain. Before you can join a domain the computer’s network configuration has to be properly set to see the domain controller. In a previous lesson I setup the DHCP server to distribute the proper network configuration. By joining the domain the computer will then be controlled by the server as well as be able to accept domain user accounts for logging in. In order to log in as a local user account on the…



Dear Sir, The lectures you provided are AWESOME, but one thing missing in these lectures is the network setting on VM. I am using VMWare. What network setting im supposed to do so the client and domain controller can communicate each other? Please i will really appreciate your answer because i am stuck here..! Thanks in advance!!

Hello Sir, i would like to if i setup my windows server 2008 r2 to be DC, run AD, DNS and DHCP and for hence this server is the one that provide ip's to the computers if i have some visitors that need to access internet in my office and they are not clients that are joined the domain, how can they access the internet ? if they are not have an account in the DC ? Can you or someone else explain me this please ?

Thank you so…so much for your precise, clear detailed lecture on setting this. I struggled with other videos on Youtube. Only yours walked me though and solved the confusion with the IP setup. Once again, I sincerely thank you!

I don't know that you can use Home Premium to connect to a domain. I do know that Microsoft designs some of their versions to work only on a workgroup (like the home versions) and the others to work in a domain or workgroup (like the business,pro,ultimate,etc). My guess is that is that Home Premium will not be able to join to a domain

Run the ipconfig /all command in the command prompt on both computers. Make sure that they are both on the same network. On the client machine make sure the DNS server is set to be the Domain Controller's address.

Thanks for the video. when i try to connect my windows 7 to the domain, after giving the credentials, it gives me the following error : Network Path not found. I have windows server installed in Vmware, windows 7 locally. Any idea on how to fix the problem.

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