simple linux commands part 7

simple linux commands part 7

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This is a video about simple linux commands that work on nearly every distribution of linux. This video is for people brand new to Linux

Providing training videos since last Tuesday.
Thanks for watching.



Heaven forbid that this guy actually knew what he was doing, where, and when.

I would think that all his miscues would be confusing to a beginner in Linux?

If I did not know Unix so well, I know that they would be for me.

Credit for trying, however, a D- for execution.

I really appreciate your videos. I know people are giving you a hard time for goofing a few times on commands and such, but hey, if they were perfect, they wouldn't be here watching you in the first place. I'm currently studying to get a job where I'll be using CentOS and your videos saved me a LOT of time from reading my books to refresh my basic skills. Thanks again!

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