Some of my linux annoyances (rant/ramble)

Some of my linux annoyances (rant/ramble)

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Sharring some of my views on stuff around the linux world.

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My main gripe is how Linux community embraces NIH (not invented here) so instead Linux gets worse implementations of code that’s been stable and worked for decades.

Btrfs instead of Zfs, no Dtrace, KVM instead of actual containers/zones like BSD/Solaris had (KVM is faking you of what is actually is), systemd just a bad implementation of what Solaris had in like 2004? (SMF) and so on…

(Now in recent years there has been demand from the Linux users making Ubuntu adding some lazy zfs support and some bad ports of dtrace but still, it’s never fully supported by the Linux devs)

the views i think has more to do with the amount of likes you get on a single video. that's how youtube generates a video on popularity. the more likes, the higher you get on their list on the topic. at least that is what i get to understand. that's why so many youtubers ask to leave a like and subscribe. i recently installed i3 alongside my openbox on arch. i love it and i love your turtorials BTW. the way i learn is watch turtorial videos and i google and try it myself. if my system breaks i analyze my steps and just chroot in my arch and do my repair. figuring it out on youtube and google is the best learning curve for me at least. i have never posted a question on a matter as of yet. not even using linux a whole year yet, but i love the learning curve.

I get a lot of what you are saying. I started off doing distro reviews just as you have described, but I quickly got bored doing that type of video. Now I try to DO something useful in the distro and talk about it. I install multimedia codecs, install hplip and get the printer setup, build up an install from alternative and minimal ISOs, remaster an installed system, etc.. Most recently I decided to move the /home directory after installing a distro in a single / partition. My Calculate videos focused on updating, using emerge, setting use flags, etc.

As for the sub counts and views, I don't get how some videos get more than others, except to assume that people are buying views and buying subs. How someone does five or six videos on installing each of the Ubuntu flavors, each video lasting 20-30 minutes, and stays awake for the process each time is a mystery to me. I would put myself into a coma creating videos of me installing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, and Ubuntu Mate. I would expect my audience would get bored out of their minds and tune out pretty quickly. Yet some channels do just that and it amazes me how the views just keep going up! How many times does one need to see the Ubiquity installer to know its going to work the same way no mater what desktop and theme is going on behind it?

I used to watch a channel by Carey Holzman and he does a lot of computer builds. I asked him how many times can you do the same thing on camera (plug hardware together) and pretend like its interesting. His viewers like that, so he does it. Maybe that is the answer. 🙂

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