Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows Server – Newegg TV

Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows Server – Newegg TV

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With the End of Support of Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015 it’s time to start planning your migration to Windows Server 2012 to ensure a secure, reliable, tested and efficient transition of your server infrastructure…The folks at Gartner support this saying “make the migration effort a suitably high priority to gain approval and funding for the project such that it can be completed before support ends.

MS Windows Server Standard 2012 R2…



I'm learning about Server 2012 in my class right now. I was just about to search for a video explaining how to install Exchange Server on Server 2012 when I saw this video. Not what I was looking for, but still informative nonetheless.

3:20  the MS rep says basically that JBOD is a new technology that is built into the Windows Server software.  ( facepalm). 
1.  There is NOTHING new about JBOD.
2.  This should have BEEN built into Windows server since 2003.  There is and has never been an excuse otherwise.  

Top 3 reasons to upgrade your server to a linux operating system:
1. Can handle more than 192GB of RAM.
2. Isnt based off the windows vista kernal which every current windows OS is based off of.
3.You have more than a choice of one operating system because Linux is open source, so if one OS fails you, just try another one! 

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