ubuntu 14.04 install with ESP(efi system partition)

ubuntu 14.04 install with ESP(efi system partition)

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installing OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit AMD64
device: Asus x205ta
ubuntu bootable usb drive created and BOOTIA32.EFI obtained from internet inserted to /EFI/BOOT/ directory in bootable usb drive.
Currently trying to install ubuntu to a 2nd flash drive. My intention is to keep this 2nd flash drive connected to ASUS X205TA at all times and create dual boot system.(Windows 8.1 w/ bing + Ubuntu 14.04)
Partitioning during installation is shown in this video.
‘/dev/sdb’ is the 2nd flash drive(Sandisk…



Excellent! There are so many guides about this online that are not worth s…!
And here you are mate, well done, well done. Thank you.

Hi, i added bootia32.efi and in this way my x205ta found my pendrive. I have installed xubuntu on my ssd (not a microsd) but after the reboot from xubuntu windows starts and i can't choose the OS… how can i show the windows bootloader to select between OSs?

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