Ubuntu vs Windows – Gaming Performance!

Ubuntu vs Windows – Gaming Performance!

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Let’s compare gaming performance between Linux (Ubuntu 16.04.1) and Windows 8.1 to see who is the winner!
Head over to the Level1Techs forum thread for the full data, charts, and some discussion:

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Someone understand my issue. No game support! Wine is getting better for sure, PlayOnLinux too. Many games now support Linux. But performance still sucks ass. I'm trying to play Ark Survival. Almost max settings at 4k on windows 50-60fps easy. Medium settings 3k windowed on Linux 30-35fps……….. I just upgraded my GPU so I didn't have sucky fps and i'm back to square one.

hey man, thanks a lot for your video. It's very well done and objective. I hope to see Vulkan APIs in much more games soon. I've just tried Doom on both Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 and got a full 20% more on the first for what concerns FPS.
Thanks again and good job!
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I like what you have to say about telling companies about the need to port to Linux … it would be good if we could get that to happen, because I have been annoyed by Windows increasingly allowing both advertising on my desktop ( which I think is rude ) along with all the privacy invasion etc.

Got a AMD system and nvidia video card And there was no searching for drivers and even the drivers from Nvidia just installed . gameing on a dull boot is fun . But we need more FPS for linux.

Umm question in CS go you show Linux with a min of 175 and a max of 263 so how do you arrive at an average that is higher then the max? It makes no sense. There is no way your average can be 265 if your max only hit 263.

+Roland33 There's no one version of linux that "does it all". There are tradeoffs between each distro. Win10 is an AIO OS, gaming, work, video production, theater etc.. Then there are versions of Linux that specialize in maybe 1 or 2 of these fields only, but give no attention to the others, so you'll have to end up dual booting various versions if you want all these things in 1 box. For gaming, Debian and Ubuntu, for server-hat linuxes, for best internet (streaming) and video (bluray files) Mandrake and that line.

Some have tried using Ubuntu for all these things, but it simply doesn't work out too well. Each distro is specialized in what they do and it should remain that way which makes Linux favorable than an AIO system. You don't want a production machine in your living room with the big TV.

Please do an AMD Build with a focus on Xen windows host to client instances. I am asking as I am looking at doing some Zen builds (especially since they have been discussing IOMMU improvements on their platforms, so that I do not need to build much on any one client, but focus on a strong host, and migrate any outdated equipment to be benefited by clients.

Using compatibility layer IS optimal, DX9 to OGL translation isn't. Let me see nvidia proprietary drivers getting ~99% of the native and sometimes even faster than native performance? Not going to happen, why? Because Gallium-nine can't work on closed drivers. So no, it is optimal, but comrporations do not want to use optimal solutions, they would rather invest in cheating it's way to beat competition than to do something useful for it's users.

There is no real way to tell gaming studios anything, they don't really listen. Most of the time you get a game and it doesn't work anyhow. Best just to not play games and go out and find other ways to entertain yourself. To heck with gaming studios.

After half a year of using Linux I have ditched Windows 10 from my HDD.
It has been nothing but a burden with a blue screen either once or twice a week.

I've been thinking about switching over to Ubuntu for a while now. I'm still not sure but I will say this. Windows 10 has caused me to be paranoid of being infected by a virus many times when in the end it has been a bug in Windows itself, I fucking hate that.

Interesting, I thought the performance on windows with dx11 vs vulkan is better because vulkan in the talos principle is still not fully implemented or in development/beta, but you get nearly as much avg fps in vulkan on linux on a 980 as I get on windows with dx11 (avg ~125 fps). I wonder how much I will get if I would run the game on linux with vulkan. Still dx11 on windows in TTP is still the way to go, atleast for now. Doom is a different story.

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