VB.NET Tutorials – Create Custom/Professional UI in WinForms app

VB.NET Tutorials – Create Custom/Professional UI in WinForms app

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In this tutorial, we will discuss how to create custom/professional ui in Windows forms application (WinForm).

Images to download: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B-YW9CH_WjF2Z2l3R3hDUWFQS1k



Hi thanks for the tutorial. can you share the code that we can add to move this form by mouse? now that the handle is gone is there a way users can click anywhere on the form and move the form? thanks

Hello iCodePoint,

I recommend you to use Mouse_Enter routine instead of Mouse_Over. With Mouse_Enter image will change just in the moment the mouse enter the picture box, and not when you stop the mouse over it.


I want to start membership web site and for that I need to write a small program but I have absolutely zero knowledge about programming and SQL servers . I am just looking to collect the information of the members into my data base . I need Name , Email address, repeat email address , Country, social media platform check box , and password column on my web site home page . instead of regular submit button I need Generate button on which submission should generate 16 digit number automatically for the member . This full data I need to collect in my data base for my business reference . DO you think it is possible. IS it difficult or easy to do it . Can you guide me .. I am looking for your guidance… thx

Looks of the Form

Reconfirm E mail
Social Media List of social Media and Check box

On enter to Generate 16 Digit auto number , can be serially no problem no need for combination numbers
Like membership number starts from
0000 0000 0000 0001
0000 0000 0000 0002
0000 0000 0000 0003 and so on

Data base Table should display

Membership Number Name Email ID Country Facebook Twitter So on Password

very useful tutorial ^^ tks for it. But I have a question, how can I drag and drop the windows when I set windows border in "none"?

Duplicating all events for each picture is a kind of a poor way of coding. You can use something similar to : 

Sub PictureBox_MouseHover(sender as Object, e As EventArgs) Handles PictureBox1.MouseHover, PictureBox2.MouseHover … , PictureBox7.MouseHover
( run switch statement of many If then + Get which PictureBox triggered the eventhandler using sender argument, and there u have a very simple code and easier to read than 100 lines of evenhandlers ) 
End Sub

Thanks for the tutorial, the UI looks good.

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