w3m-img — View Images in the Console – Linux CLI

w3m-img — View Images in the Console – Linux CLI

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requires: w3m w3m-img, xterm rxvt or yeahconsole

w3m – a text based Web browser and pager

w3m is a World Wide Web (WWW) text based client. It has English and Japanese help files and an option
menu and can be configured to use either language. It will display hypertext markup language (HTML)
documents containing links to files residing on the local system, as well as files residing on remote
systems. It can display HTML tables and…



Based on the demonstrations I see from this and the other w3m videos, I find that you end up typing more keys than needed to accomplish a task. (e.g. navigate the page, invoke an option and/or to execute a sequence of commands, etc)
If you are looking for a command-based web browsing experience perhaps try Vimperator/Pentadactyl which gives you a vim-like experience.
Gotbletu, I'd like to make a request for an XMonad tutorial; I'm attracted by its simplicity and minimal-use of excessive UI's.

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