What is Linux? Linux Beginner Tutorial

What is Linux? Linux Beginner Tutorial

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This Linux Tutorial is designed for beginners as a quick introduction to learn basics of Linux.

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0:12 What is an Operating System?
1:05 What is Linux and who created it?
3:09 What are the benefits of using Linux?
4:45 UNIX introduction

Introduction to the Linux Operating System
Linux is an operating system or a kernel. It is distributed under an open source license. Its…



Actually, Linux is not a complete operating system: it's a kernel, which is a part of an operating system. What we now usually call "Linux" is actually GNU/Linux and the story of its development does not begin in 1991 with Linus Torvalds but in 1983 with Richard Stallman who started the GNU project. I think Mr Stallman would deserve some credits here: this idea of software freedom, we owe it to him! Also, a very important part of the GNU/Linux systems that we use nowadays was developed by the people involved in the GNU project. I think people should now about this!

I'm sorry but Linux is not an operating system. Linux is just the kernel. A Linux based distribution is a collection of software with the Linux kernel at its heart. A distribution is an operating system.

+khaledb77 Some hardware is better supported than others. It mainly depends on how willing the company who makes the hardware is to work with third-party (second-party? Maybe that would be the end-user) developers. What hardware did not work for you under Linux?

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