What it Feels Like to Get Windows 9

What it Feels Like to Get Windows 9

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Windows 9, the OS that no one know it existed, what if it actually exsisted??? Let’s find out.
Alright jk, windows 9 never existed and Microsoft will not make windows 9. This video is only for entertainment purpose only, there is no windows 9, the system I showed in the video is a modified windows 10 version.

Be sure to report this fake channel and comment saying that I’m the real verbose.

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Hey guys, let's be honest here. What are you more excited for? My movie or windows 9?? Let me know in the comment. But what isn't exciting. The fake youtuber that is impersonating me with fake proofs. Let's show him that I'm real and report the faker's channel.

Bro I hate it when people steal other people’s content and claims it as theirs. I’m sorry that happened to you. You should take legal action for this because the fake verbose is using your identity which is identity theft.

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