Windows 7 64-bit Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Windows 7 64-bit Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

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***NOTE: For the BORA board this is no longer required, see**

Other projects might require this so video left. Shows use of unsigned drivers on Windows 7/Vista 64-bit. This video shows you how to perform this action in the easiest manner possible. Note you need to do this *every* time you boot and use the hardware. I suggest you ‘hibernate’ or ‘sleep’ your computer to avoid needing to go through this hassle.



Does this disable sound? I think mine disables it and I don't know how it does it, I've tried a lot of ways to turn it on like checking services, device manager and other software's to turn it on but no luck. I have to disable the driver signature since my mouse and keyboard won't work after OS booting, I think that when my system automatically updated itself, something went wrong and now every time I start windows normally, that problem occurs and I have to go through disabling driver signature to make it work although there is no sound, please help if anyone know how to fix this… thanks

i tried this on my Asus Sabertooth x58 after that my mouse keyboard and monitor wont turn on does anyone have a solution to this? anyway to reverse it? i cant use my monitor at all nor the keyboard the mouse show signs of it getting power (the optical light stays on) 

Whenever I hit F8 and get to the boot menu the only thing what shows up are the safe modes etc but not the disable driver signature enforcement what to do?

Dang… Asus reused the F8 button for their own boot menu. Instead you'll have to wait for the BIOS boot menu to clear, but hit it right before the Windows screen comes up! Timing will be critical…

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